About Ultimus

Ultimus was founded in 1999, in Cincinnati, Ohio, as a professional services company to meet the needs of small and mid-sized fund companies. And while we're much larger today, including offices in Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana, we've strategically managed our growth to maintain our hallmark personal client service.

Today, we provide a full suite of middle and back office services for open and closed-end funds, business development companies, SMAs, private accounts and other investment products. Our experienced teams of accountants, attorneys, paralegals and other investment industry professionals work closely with our clients to achieve their goals.

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  1. 1984

    • Ultimus founders enter mutual fund servicing

  2. 1999

    • Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC launches as a professional service company providing high quality service to a select group of adviser clients.

  3. 2001

    • Ultimus serves 15 adviser clients

  4. 2002

    • Ultimus serves its first closed-end fund

  5. 2003

    • Ultimus serves 20 adviser clients

  6. 2004

    • Ultimus serves one of the pioneering liquid alternative funds which is still available more than 10 years later
    Ultimus moves to its current headquarters, 225 Pictoria Drive in Cincinnati

  7. 2005

    • Ultimus assets administered exceed $5 billion

  8. 2006

    • Ultimus serves 25 adviser clients

  9. 2007

    • Ultimus assets administered exceed $10 billion

  10. 2009

    • Dow and S&P reach financial crisis low point

  11. 2010

    • Ultimus assets administered exceed $15 billion

  12. 2012

    • Ultimus Managers Trust launches
    Ultimus hosts the firm's first client conference

  13. 2013

    • Ultimus serves its first tender-offer fund

  14. 2014

    Ultimus launches middle office services for advisers

  15. 2015

    • Ultimus earns two overall top ranking awards in the 2015 Global Custodian Mutual Fund Administrator Survey

    • Ultimus completes acquisition of Huntington Asset Services

  16. 2016

    • Ultimus adds offices in Columbus, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana

    • Ultimus assets administered exceed $30 billion
    • Ultimus earns two overall top ranking awards in the 2016 Global Custodian Mutual Fund Administrator Survey

Award-Winning Partnership Approach

In the 2015 and 2016 Mutual Fund Administration Survey by Global Custodian, Ultimus received the highest overall average score of mutual fund service providers, earning the Market Outperformer Award. In 2016, we also scored the highest in all eight service categories, earning the Category Outperformer Award again.

Ultimus clients participated in the independent survey administered by Global Custodian and were asked to rate Ultimus’ service in 8 categories on a scale of 1 through 7, with 7 being the highest rating. According to the survey results Ultimus received a liberal amount of 7's across the entire spreadsheet. Thank you to our exceptional clients for rating us so highly!

Since the firm was founded 17 years ago, Ultimus has invested heavily in personnel, technology, and innovation for the benefit of our clients. At Ultimus, we are committed to being a trusted business partner to our clients, and are very proud of the effort put forth by everyone at the firm to provide first-class service.

The 2016 Survey results reinforce Ultimus' leadership standing in the mutual fund administration space and reaffirm our ongoing commitment to excellence in client service and partnership. Looking to the future Ultimus remains committed to providing this high level of quality service that clients recognize, value, and appreciate.

Year in Review

Throughout Ultimus' 2016 Year in Review (YIR), we emphasize our ongoing commitment to being a trusted business partner to investment advisors and fund families. In addition, the YIR highlights our growth, progress, and improvements during the year, plus calls attention to our achievements and successes. Staying true to the firm’s goals, the YIR also illustrates Ultimus’ pledge to provide top-notch professional resources, outstanding service, and progressive technology for clients while continuing to grow and achieving valuable economies of scale.
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