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Orion Opens Up to Alternatives

Gemini Alternative Funds has formed a new partnership with Orion Adviser Services to launch the “Galaxy Plus Managed Account Platform” app within Orion Connect. The Galaxy Plus MAP connects qualified investors with alternative strategies from multiple trading managers. The firm said the options would be inside a fixed-fee structure, would invest in only liquid securities and...

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Orion Integrates Gemini Alt’s Galaxy Plus Managed Account Platform into Orion Connect

Orion Adviser Services, LLC (“Orion”) today announced it has created an integration with Gemini Alternative Funds, LLC (“Gemini Alt”), which is part of The Gemini Companies. Gemini Alt will launch its new Galaxy Plus Managed Account Platform (MAP) app in the Orion Connect portfolio accounting software platform, delivering one-click, single-sign-on access to the Galaxy Plus...

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