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A completely customizable investing structure built to provide an institutional investor increased investment transparency and control, while reducing costs.

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Ultimus’ Dedicated Managed Account (DMA) solution provides institutional investors and outsourced chief investment officers (OCIOs) with an improved investing experience that is entirely designed around an institutional investor’s specific needs. Through advanced technology and committed, experienced service teams, this completely customizable investing structure provides clients robust reporting and increased investment transparency and control, thereby reducing the cost of the underlying assets.

Enhancement of a Traditional Managed Account Structure

For institutional investors – such as pensions, endowments, fund of funds, and family offices – using managed accounts to invest is unquestionably the most efficient solution. However, since this structure can present significant operational and administrative burdens, it is often prohibitively expensive and impractical for asset owners and allocators to build and maintain the internal operational control environment, staff, technology, data infrastructure, and legal expertise necessary to effectively administer and manage a portfolio of managed accounts. This is where Ultimus comes in. Our open architecture DMA offering provides seamless integration of services to provide the controls, services, and granular reporting needed to manage complex investment decisions.

A Complete Solution

Our comprehensive DMA solution is designed to simplify your responsibilities and reduce your expenses. Rather than you having to coordinate with providers for individual service and technology services, we package it all into a total operational and infrastructure solution, which means your operations are smoother and you get critical information faster.

Customization and Cost Reduction

A DMA provides you the flexibility to negotiate strategy customization, investment guidelines, and management and performance fees with each underlying fund manager. Through this structure, fees from service providers such as custodians, administrators, and auditors, can also be reduced because of the scale the standardized platform offers. Underlying fund managers also typically cannot charge non-investment operating expenses, such as those related to marketing or technology, the way it can with a commingled fund.

The Ultimus Difference

Ultimus’ DMA solution provides these distinct services and benefits, among many others:

  • Account structuring

  • Coordination of account opening with custodians, Prime Brokers (PBs), and Future Commission Merchants (FCMs)

  • Secure operational control environment

  • Guideline and risk monitoring

  • Performance, risk, and guideline reporting

Ultimus’ DMA solution provides a structure specifically beneficial for:

A DMA allows OCIOs to efficiently scale their model, thus reducing internal costs and efforts, and pass along cost efficiency to clients.

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Ultimus’ DMA offers the ability to better control costs and potentially reduce a double layer of fees, while providing better access to investments.

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Our DMA offering provides features and benefits important to institutional managers, such as control; operational efficiency; reduction of fees; improved governance, reporting, and risk monitoring; and flexibility.

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What is a Dedicated Managed Account?

A DMA is a fund structure that is owned and controlled by a single institutional investor, such as a pension fund or endowment. Since the investor typically selects the DMA’s preferred trading advisers, custodian, clearing firm, and other service providers, this type of account structure provides the investor an extra level of control, transparency, reporting, customization, and cost efficiency. A DMA also removes co-investor risk since the investor owns the account.

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