Nicsa Webinar – Return to the Office

>Nicsa Webinar – Return to the Office

Nicsa Webinar – Return to the Office

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Return to the Office – The Future of the Workforce

2020 changed the landscape of the workplace indefinitely. Join us for an open discussion around the evolution of policies and processes for returning to the “new normal” in a post-pandemic environment. Attendees will hear from three different perspectives: HR, operations and client relations as they talk candidly about new challenges and opportunities as employees begin to return to the office.

  • Nicole Callies (Moderator), Director of Business Development, Mars SalesFocus Solutions
  • Heather Schwab, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, Ultimus Fund Solutions
  • Erika Ivanyi, General Manager, Capital Group | American Funds
  • Paul DeSalvo, Executive Director, Asset Managers Coverage, J.P. Morgan Securities Services

NEW FORMAT: At the conclusion of the panel, attendees will have the opportunity to take a deep dive into the three different perspectives via Zoom breakouts. The breakouts will be hosted by the respective panelist and attendees will be able to engage in meaningful dialogue by asking questions and sharing best practices. Attendees can sign up for the breakout of their choosing during the registration process.

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