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Ultimus has a deep commitment to excellence in our everyday business and in our participation in the industry. In addition, we continually challenge our executives and team managers to look for ways to provide value for clients across organization. In turn, our reputation as a thought leader has grown tremendously over the years.

With that in mind, Ultimus recently initiated a new podcast series to feature one-on-one interviews with valued clients, industry experts, business partners, company executives, and high-impact communicators to provide valuable insights into industry trends and best practices for overall improvement.

Redefining Innovation: The ongoing creation of new ideas that generate value for clients

by Bill Hortz

Bill Hortz, Dean of the Institute for Innovation Development discusses best practices for companies wanting to create a culture of innovation.

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Bill Hortz, Founder & Dean, The Institute for Innovation Development
Judith Peterson, CMO, Ultimus Fund Solutions

Demystifying Client-centric Cultures

by Tim Kight

Many companies say they are customer-focused or client-centric organizations in their branding and mission statements, but there is a definite disconnect between those words and the reality of how they are translated down through the ranks to front-line employees interacting directly with clients.

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Tim Kight, CEO, Focus 3
Judith Peterson, CMO, Ultimus Fund Solutions

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