Gemini Fund Enhances Reporting Capabilities

>Gemini Fund Enhances Reporting Capabilities

Gemini Fund Enhances Reporting Capabilities

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  • SunGard’s InvestOne and Control Center solutions offer Gemini Fund a gateway to additional reporting and portfolio management services its clients need.
  • Access to middle-office reporting capabilities will help Gemini Fund’s clients view their funds and monitor how their funds’ individual asset allocations affect returns, and adjust investments accordingly.
  • Gemini Hedge already uses SunGard’s Hedge360 integrated hedge fund software to provide its clients with operational stability across the investment life cycle.

Gemini Fund Services, LLC (Gemini Fund) has selected SunGard solutions to access additional reporting and business process management services to help its clients better control and monitor their fund portfolios.

“We have an unwavering commitment to providing our clients with operational efficiencies that allow them to spend more time managing and growing their funds,” said Andrew Rogers, CEO of Gemini Fund Services. “Harnessing SunGard’s technological expertise and products is a natural extension of this dedication, and we look forward to helping clients further enhance the management and monitoring of their investment vehicles.”

The use of SunGard’s investment accounting and reporting system, InvestOne, will provide Gemini Fund with a fully integrated solution that controls and monitors each of its clients’ fund portfolios with the help of advanced reporting features and compliance functionalities. The system offers more than 300 standard reports, as well as report customization tools, and can manage all types of funds on a single database.  Control Center interfaces with InvestOne as a best-of-breed operational management and monitoring workflow tool that provides a centralized view of fund accounting activity. To read the entire article please click here.

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