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Ultimus’ Galaxy Plus Platform offers institutional investors a single, operationally efficient investing infrastructure that provides near real-time data, frequent liquidity, notional funding capabilities, and access to a diverse array of strategies. Through Galaxy Plus, you receive the benefits of a managed account experience along with the operational efficiencies of a fund investment.

Potential Galaxy Plus Investor Benefits

Through the Galaxy Plus platform, you can access a variety of managers who trade a mixture of exchange traded futures, options, and OTC Forex, giving you ample opportunities for diversification and access to investments uncorrelated to your current portfolio. Investors can also seed managers not currently on the platform (subject to investment minimums).

As with any investment, there are many risks, including the risk you could lose all of your investment. Before you invest in any investment product you should carefully review its offering documents. This webpage is not an offer to invest in any investment product and is for informational purposes only.

The platform allows for manager track record comparison and analysis, as well as timely and detailed performance data.

You create your own solution, choose your service providers, diversify your counterparty exposure, and eliminate the conflict of interest inherent in some “one stop shop” platforms.

Gemini evaluates and analyzes all facets of a trading manager’s strategies and operations to confirm a manager’s suitability for inclusion on the Galaxy Plus Platform. On an ongoing basis, we monitor all of our managers to ensure that they stay within the established parameters of their investment strategy.

The platform provides flexible liquidity terms, with no lock up periods or redemption fees.

Gemini negotiates favorable fee arrangements for its investors and offers straightforward pricing terms, as well as low investment minimums.

The platform provides access to revolutionary, best-of-breed technology and reporting to monitor portfolio performance.

Galaxy Plus offers a wide variety of counterparties, which reduces counterparty risk concentration.

Each manager on the Galaxy Plus Platform has its own segregated Delaware LLC. This legal structure limits an investor’s liability to the amount of their investment. Additionally, Ultimus is not involved in any investment decisions related to platform offerings, which removes any possible conflict of interest.

Galaxy Plus provides you with a convenient platform to research managers and construct a portfolio of strategies that meet your specific investing philosophy. It provides you with tools that fund managers typically cannot access or afford and eliminates the need for you to have your own expensive systems or teams in place to gather and analyze data. The platform provides you immediate and granular aggregated portfolio data, such as exposures and positions by manager, and allows you to run advanced analytics.

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