Blueprint Capital Advisers Selects Ultimus’ Dedicated Managed Account Platform

Platform supports Blueprint’s commitment to delivering institutional investors reasonable fees, transparency, and manager responsiveness

>Blueprint Capital Advisers Selects Ultimus’ Dedicated Managed Account Platform

Blueprint Capital Advisers Selects Ultimus’ Dedicated Managed Account Platform

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Ultimus (formerly the Gemini Companies (Gemini)) and Blueprint Capital Advisers (Blueprint), an investment firm focused on manager sourcing, due diligence and the structuring of investments in emerging managers and strategies, today announced that they will create a Dedicated Managed Account (DMA) offering. Through this structure, Blueprint’s investors can benefit from reduced fees and implementation costs and increased transparency of their underlying assets – both of which are strategic imperatives for Blueprint and the clients they serve.

Ulitmus’ DMA structure will provide a platform of managed accounts or funds dedicated to Blueprint’s institutional investors and support a variety of investment types (e.g., traditional liquids, illiquids, and existing fund structures.)

Key benefits Blueprint’s clients will receive by creating a DMA offering with Ultimus include:

  • Operational scale and reduced need for internal resources
  • Reduction of manager fees and operational expenses
  • Enhanced visibility into holdings with trade-level reporting
  • Guideline monitoring of underlying managers and strategies
  • A robust performance and risk reporting suite, providing transparency on a T+0 and T+1 basis

“At Blueprint, we are committed to offering creative solutions and customizable investment experiences that meet the needs of both our fund manager partners and institutional investors,” said Jacob Walthour, Managing Principal at Blueprint. “Ultimus’ innovative DMA structure allows us to capitalize on this commitment by providing cost savings and transparency to our clients, while allowing us to keep focus on sourcing and structuring investments.”

David Young from Ultimus added: “In an environment of asset owners’ heightened demand for transparency, control, and lower costs, smart Outsourced Chief Investment Officer’s and consultants are actively seeking a way to deliver to the end investor. We are pleased that our structure allows Blueprint to fulfill its promise to provide value and cost savings to their clients.”

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