Panel of Allocators Defines Ideal Manager Profiles at Gemini (now Ultimus Fund Solutions) Event

>Panel of Allocators Defines Ideal Manager Profiles at Gemini (now Ultimus Fund Solutions) Event

Panel of Allocators Defines Ideal Manager Profiles at Gemini (now Ultimus Fund Solutions) Event

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HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.—March 27, 2019—Gemini (now Ultimus Fund Solutions®), (Ultimus®), today shares insights from a panel of regulatory and fund product experts at a recent industry event hosted by the firm. The panel, “What Will Allocators Focus on in 2019,” was moderated by Lisa Vioni, Chief Executive Officer, Hedge Connection and featured Ryan K. Hart, CFA, CAIA, Director of Research, Coquest Advisors; Carlos Cabrera, Founder, JOIA Investments LLC; and Jeffrey Spotts, Principal, Prophecy Asset Management.

Ms. Vioni commented, “Access to talent is a key driver for allocators as they strive to discover new and unique strategies in line with their objectives and risk profiles. Transparency and cost-effectiveness are critical elements to fully leverage the alpha from these managers.”

During the conversation, the expert panelists were asked questions pertaining to a variety of key subject areas, including:

  • Strategy: What is it that you are looking for as an allocator? What “edge” should a new/niche manager have and how should he/she convey it?
  • Platform/Structures: How do you deal with the concerns that smaller/more unique managers present?
  • Optics: How can you alleviate concerns that investors might have about operational infrastructure?
  • Fee Compression: Fees are at the front of most investors’ minds. How do you anticipate compensating a new manager in a niche space? In particular, one that might have limited capacity?
  • Institutional Investors: What appetite is there from institutional investors for boutique managers?

Mr. Spotts added, “At Prophecy, we seek to align managers’ and investors’ objectives through a unique profit- and risk-sharing approach. This strategic mandate creates significant allocation opportunities for qualified portfolio managers while seeking to provide capital preservation for our clients.”

Mr. Hart remarked, “Manager selection is vital, but it’s only one part of the process.  At Coquest Advisors, we structure diversified portfolios designed to meet specific client objectives. Transparency, liquidity, capital efficiency are critical components, and the GalaxyPlus platform gives us tremendous flexibility in that regard.”


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Alpha is a risk-adjusted measure of the active return on an investment. It is a measure of the manager’s contribution to performance.

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