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Private fund administration requires significant attention to detail and investment in technology, resources, and processes, which can distract managers from their primary competency – investment management and generating returns for investors. By outsourcing this function to an experienced and reputable private fund administrator like Ultimus, you can gain important operational advantages, resources, and tools that allow you to scale and grow your business more efficiently. Although the services administrators offer may look very similar, the speed, effectiveness, scalability, and manner in which they are delivered can vary tremendously. At Ultimus, we strive every day to set the industry standard for private fund administration and go beyond.

Comprehensive & Customizable Services

Our role is to take on your day-to-day fund administration responsibilities by providing the highest quality comprehensive and customizable services with a focus on timeliness, accuracy, technology, and anticipation of your needs. By outsourcing to us, you also gain important expertise to help manage growing regulatory pressures and deliver the unique reporting and communications your funds require. Ultimus is an independent fund administration company and we have built an all-inclusive infrastructure that supports you throughout the lifecycle of your fund. We are also your consultative partner and a trusted resource for industry connections, trends, and insights.

The Ultimus Difference: Quality Control

By incorporating successful practices from major public accounting firms and working tirelessly to exceed your expectations, we seek gold-standard output for quality control. We take pride in our ability to deliver quality service on a consistent basis to all clients, regardless of size, every day. Additionally, Ultimus’ hiring process is rigorous and thorough. We invest in experienced professionals dedicated to providing operational excellence and dedicated customer service, enabling us to go above and beyond the standard offering of other firms.

If you’re searching for a private fund administrator offering boutique-style client focus combined with institutional-grade systems and processes, look no further than Ultimus. Click below to learn more about the services we provide to various types of private funds:

Private Funds Update

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The Ultimus Difference

At Ultimus, we invest in best-in-class technology and put our team of experienced, top quality professionals to work for you. We partner with you to learn the nuances and complexities of your business, how you define success, and how to work most effectively for you in order to provide you customized services throughout the entire lifecycle of your funds.

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