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As the manager of an endowment or foundation, you are likely under pressure from your board to maintain specific performance numbers and investment mandates. By outsourcing your administration to Ultimus, you can focus on managing investments and meeting the demands of your organization and participants while our experienced professionals handle your fund administration details.

At Ultimus, we have extensive experience providing administrative, accounting, and middle office services for foundations and endowments, so we know each has unique requirements. Therefore, we take the time to consult with you and understand your complexities in order to develop high customized and comprehensive services that respond appropriately to your specific needs. As an Ultimus client, you can expect consistent, direct access to your services team and a level of customer service that goes beyond normal expectations of an administrator.

Ultimus’ customized set of services for your foundation or endowment may include:
  • Portfolio Accounting

    • Gathering of all investment portfolio data and information and consolidation
  • Partnership Accounting

    • Creation of a comprehensive set of financial statements
    • Tracking of special allocations
    • Delivering of performance measurements
  • Performing specialized reporting

  • Managing complex allocations among entities

  • Processing capital activity in/out of portfolio funds

    • Processing paperwork for investments in portfolio funds
  • Monitoring and analyzing cash flow

  • Providing of a comprehensive financial reporting package including customized reporting options

  • Unitization (if applicable)

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Comprehensive Services for Endowments & Foundations

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