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Ultimus’ back and middle office services allow investment managers to focus on executing their investment strategies and raising assets instead of time-consuming gathering and aggregation of data to support risk measurement procedures and meet growing investor reporting requirements. Our unique co-sourcing operating model leverages a single technology platform to support your front office, sales and marketing team, and investors. Specifically, our state-of-the art technological infrastructure provides you access to important post-execution trade data, including profit and loss computation, attribution and risk analytics, to support daily portfolio evaluation and sales efforts.

The centerpiece of Ultimus’ middle office outsourcing solution is an advanced central data repository that stores all of your investment data (security master, transactions, holdings, taxlots, daily P&L) as well as third party market data (analytics, prices, corporate actions, benchmark data). In addition to having extensive experience integrating this data with many different front office technologies, the Ultimus solution also makes this data available to your investors through web portals. If selected as a service for the fund, Ultimus can also provide seamless connectivity between trade data and the books and records of the fund.

Our specific middle and back office services include:

  • Daily portfolio pricing obtained from an independent source

  • Daily reconciliation of position, market value and cash balances (all asset classes)

  • Automated data integration with trading advisers, pricing sources, prime brokers, FCMs, banks, etc.

  • Daily portfolio flash reporting on “T” and reconciled reporting on “T+1”

  • Detailed corporate action reports

  • Support for entities with multi trader/sub managers, custodians, currencies, etc.

  • Unlimited aggregation, segregation, sorting and subtotaling of portfolio data

  • Secure client web dashboard for access to all portfolio reports, funds and benchmark performance snapshots and investor account details

Contact us to discuss how we can support you in meeting the growing demands on your back and middle office due to the ever-changing regulatory environment, investor requirements, and complexities within the financial landscape.

Support for your front office

Trade Processing
Ultimus offers full-service trade processing including affirmation, confirmation, and settlement. Additionally, Ultimus provides a complete line of post execution/allocation services utilizing the gold standard of industry tools:

  • Delivery of broker side trade communication via OMGEO products
  • Transmission of trade details to custodians and third parties via SWIFT as needed
  • Administration of trade confirmation and affirmation via OMGEO’s TradeSuite and TradeMatch
  • Provision of trade recap blotters to third parties as required
  • Management of fail reporting and resolution
  • Support of corporate actions

We calculate account / fund level and security level daily time-weighted returns and money-weighted returns.

GIPS Composites
We maintain and monitor your GIPS composites.

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