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Traditionally, private equity funds have been self-administered, but market pressure in recent years has rapidly driven firms toward outsourcing, a trend that experts predict will continue. Much of this shift is due to investor demand for impeccable and timely recordkeeping and reporting, third-party validation of NAV, and greater portfolio transparency. In fact, institutional investors are now often asking detailed questions about back office functions in addition to investment management strategy in their requests for proposals from private equity managers. That’s why, Ultimus offers a comprehensive suite of services for private equity funds that help managers increase efficiency, meet investor demands, and reduce operating costs.

Tailoring a Solution for You

Ultimus understands the complexities and the level of customization involved with private equity structures. We do not believe that private equity funds fit into a box; rather, we understand the need for sophisticated and flexible technology solutions, as private equity funds command their own unique set of services and deliverables. Our fully integrated private equity platform integrates functionality specific to private equity funds – such as the tracking of committed and called capital, calculation of waterfall and distributions to investors, and unique management fee calculations – with a comprehensive accounting system that includes portfolio accounting, partnership accounting, and investor reporting. We are a complete solution partner that offers consultative and completely customizable services to support your firm’s finite life cycles.

Ultimus is a process-driven organization with comprehensive written procedures that seek to ensure operational excellence and quality control throughout every aspect of our operation. Our adherence to these procedures is documented in our comprehensive SOC 1 type II report compiled by a major public accounting firm on an annual basis. Our service offering is designed to not only support you in meeting your own internal requirements but also the requirements of the groups you report to – both investors and regulators.

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Even if your fund has a highly complex structure, Ultimus has the people, processes, and technology to adapt to your needs and that continually seek to provide you with operational excellence and superior customer service.

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