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Ultimus provides real estate fund managers with a comprehensive and customizable suite of services that increase efficiency, provide transparency for investors, and reduce operating costs. Our advanced accounting system allows us to systematically calculate fees and carried interest and create the customized reports you need to make important investment decisions for your fund. The system accounts for special allocations, investor capital activity, and complex waterfall structures, as well as enables us to produce consolidated financial statements at any level of the fund structure.

The Ultimus Difference

Ultimus is a flexible, yet process-driven organization with comprehensive written procedures that seek to ensure operational excellence and quality control throughout every aspect of our operation. Our adherence to these procedures is documented in our comprehensive SOC 1 type II report compiled by a major public accounting firm on an annual basis. Our service offering is designed to not only support you in meeting your own internal requirements but also the requirements of the groups you report to – both investors and regulators.

Whether your fund is a startup or well-established complex structure and whether you have been administering it in-house or would like to make a change in your current outside administration, Ultimus may be the right choice for your real estate fund.

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