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An Established and Experienced 529 Program Manager

For state treasurers, comptrollers and their higher education boards, finding the right partner for administration and participant servicing of their 529 college savings plans is critical to their success. In particular, states have numerous responsibilities to participants in their state-sponsored 529 qualified tuition plans, many of which are challenging and can be overwhelming. As the college savings market matures and becomes more competitive, plans are looking to program managers and their sub-contractors to help them run their plans efficiently and fulfill their many responsibilities to participants.

As a well-known program manager in the college savings industry, Ultimus can fulfill this role. Whether it is individually or in collaboration with our industry partners, our experience and sophisticated infrastructure allows us to monitor operational processes, enhance participants’ online account access, uncover new participant growth opportunities, and assist with investment decisions. We provide exceptional attention to detail and quality communication to deliver a multitude of critical program management services in one complete, seamless offering.

Technology for Local Government Investment Pools

Additionally, Ultimus provides technology for local government investment pools (LGIPs) to segment funds across municipalities, undertake participant recordkeeping, and provide both the program and participants online access and reporting.

We can also support the transparency, flexibility, customization, and reporting needs of state and government sponsored pension plans through our Dedicated Managed Account solution.

Learn more about our services for public plans:

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State-Sponsored 529 Plans
Local Government Investment Pools (LGIPs)

Ultimus also delivers a managed account platform solution for pensions, endowments, and foundations that provides customization, transparency, detailed investment reporting, greater oversight and risk controls, data aggregation, and more.

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