TOP Blog Posts of 2020

>TOP Blog Posts of 2020

TOP Blog Posts of 2020

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During 2020 the financial industry experienced unforeseen challenges from remote work environments to market fluctuation, cyber security risks and much more. In response, Ultimus published a variety of informative blog posts to help investment managers operate and evolve during these times.

Written by seasoned professionals from Ultimus, business partners, as well as industry experts, our blogs examine financial topics that are top of mind for fund sponsors, CCOs, and trustees, providing insights for challenges they may face.

As you know, ETFs experienced increased interest and growth in 2020. This topic garnered high readership activity, particularly these top 3 informative ETF blogs:

  1. Non-transparent, Semi-transparent and Transparent ETFs
  2. Operational Takeaways From the 2020 Inside ETFs Conference
  3. Key Considerations: Comparing Mutual Funds and ETFs

In addition to the ETF topic, listed below are our 5 most prominent blogs of 2020:

  1. Interest in Collective Investment Trusts Growing in Uncertain Market
  2. Conversion Considerations for Alts Managers
  3. Disrupting the ’40 Act Transfer Agent and Fund Administration Services Landscape
  4. Top 5 Trending Topics for Mutual Fund Boards
  5. SEC Filings for Mutual Funds: A Reference Guide

Throughout the year, our articles covered a variety of themes including investment product trends, regulatory issues, operational efficiencies, and resourceful distribution concepts. You can view all of the latest on our blog page here.

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