Understanding the Nuances of Omnibus Accounts

>Understanding the Nuances of Omnibus Accounts

Understanding the Nuances of Omnibus Accounts

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Alma Piscitello, SVP, Head of Strategic Relationships for Northern Lights Distributors was recently quoted in the Fund Operations article, “Understanding the Nuances of Omnibus Accounts”. The article discusses the rise of omnibus accounts in the mutual fund industry and how that has spurred a new operational role, one that focuses on intermediary relationships and fee structures in an intensely regulated environment.

“Managers are asking how intermediaries monitor these transactions, what kind of reporting they are doing, and how they comply with Rule 22c2,” Piscitello said. “Funds have a responsibility to ask the intermediary how they’re going to help. Investment companies still need to have policies in place to monitor trading activity, show the audit trail, and from a compliance point of view, show that they have oversight at a client level.”

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