Local Government Investment Pools

In addition to preserving capital, maintaining income, and providing liquidity, Local Government Investment Pools (LGIPs) shoulder many responsibilities related to the successful ongoing execution of their program, such as ensuring the program receives accurate daily net asset value calculations and providing a secure and optimized participant experience. These obligations may be overwhelming and daunting, which is why they turn to firms like Ultimus for their program’s administration. Our focus is to improve operational efficiency, increase participant engagement, and enhance the overall experience for both the sponsor and participants, all at a competitive price.

The Ultimus Difference

In addition to being a service provider, we are your partner. We are close to the investment community and deeply understand how to successfully distribute and market investment products. We are much more than just an administrator.

Ultimus offers you and your participants comprehensive and engaged personal services. We are strong believers in innovative technology, which can improve your interactivity with your participants.

LGIP Services

Increasing plan participation is a leading LGIP policy objective, putting a large focus on the engagement and service experience. Accordingly, Ultimus offers both leadership and program support for LGIPs.

Specifically, through our service model, Ultimus can provide your LGIP many valuable services, including:

  • Participant servicing and recordkeeping
  • Back and middle office function support
  • Regulatory compliance and oversight to meet industry standards and best practices

Enrollment and Ongoing Customer Service
Participant experience is critical to retaining and increasing plan participation. Ultimus offers electronic and paper enrollment materials to make it simple for agencies to enroll in your program. Ultimus has call center personnel available via both email and phone to help them complete the enrollment process, manage their account, and support their program and account-related questions.

Ultimus’ scalable servicing model includes dedicated service teams that are trained to handle the special needs of each program, as well as cross trained to handle overflow workloads. Our call center personnel are regularly evaluated to ensure they are meeting or exceeding participants’ needs through methods like live call review, call quality metrics, and audits.

Ultimus’ participant web portal is mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and includes comprehensive transactional capability.


For LGIPs moving plan administration over to Ultimus, we have established a compliance driven and highly effective implementation process, and built an experienced transition team to move the program seamlessly and swiftly.

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