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Ultimus LeverPoint is a leading boutique Fund Administrator, providing expertise in accounting and administration to our Fund of Funds clients. We are dedicated to service excellence, using industry expertise, paired with exceptional client service, to deliver a suite of solutions to support your fund’s needs.

Our teams will work with you to comply with all of the accounting and reporting requirements mandated by your Partnership Agreement. Investors will receive accurate and timely information when you choose to partner with us.

Ultimus LeverPoint provides you with a comprehensive suite of services that can increase efficiency and introduce best practices while reducing operating costs. Our team of experienced professionals provides high quality, customized solutions to fund managers. We provide a high level of flexibility ensuring that your needs are met in a timely manner.

As your fund grows, we have the ability to tailor our services to include AIVs, blocker corporations and carried interest vehicles. Our teams will work with you to comply with all accounting and reporting requirements mandated by your Partnership Agreement. Your Limited Partners will also receive accurate and timely reporting.

By operating with industry recognized technology solutions, we deliver timely and accurate fund accounting and investor reporting and provide secure transfer of data, enabling us to support even the most complex fund structures.

Partnership Accounting
  • Review and Interpret Partnership Agreements
  • Maintain General Ledger
  • Capital Calls Calculations
  • Distributions Calculations
  • Management Fee Calculations and Allocations
  • Preparation of Carried Interest Calculations
  • Preparation and Maintenance of Realized and
  • Unrealized Waterfall Models
  • Preparation of Quarterly Financial Statements and
  • Partner Capital Account Statements
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Reporting, including supporting work papers and capital account schedules
  • Track Underlying Fund Portfolios
  • Gross and Net IRR Calculations
  • Distribution of Investor Correspondence
  • Maintenance of Investor information (contact/addresses/wire info)
  • Cash Reporting Activity
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Audit Liaison
  • 1099 Preparation
  • Tax Services
  • ILPA Reporting
Financial Reporting: Quarterly
  • Supporting work papers
  • Financial statements
  • Capital account schedules
Limited Partners’ Capital Accounts and Allocations
  • Capital contributions
  • Distributions
  • Income and expense allocations
  • Management fee allocations
  • Realized and unrealized carried interest
  • Remaining commitment
Investor Services
  • Distribution of partnership correspondence:
    • Capital call notices
    • Distribution notices
    • Quarterly report updates
    • Financial statements
    • Capital account schedules
    • K-1s and other tax reporting
    • General correspondence
  • Maintain database of Limited Partner information
    • Contacts
    • Addresses
    • Wire information
Financial Reporting: Annual
  • Supporting work papers
  • Financial statements
  • Capital account schedules
Treasury Services
  • Coordinate the set-up of bank accounts
  • Administer online banking portals
  • Ability to work with multiple financial institutions
  • Review wires and checks as directed for all cash movements of the Fund and related entities
  • Perform OFAC procedures for all wires prepared prior to execution.
Additional Services
  • Track receipt of capital calls from investors and proceeds from investments
  • Report cash activity and balances in an agreed upon timeframe
  • Reconcile all bank accounts and provide activity reports on a monthly basis
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Our Fund of Funds solutions provide you with a comprehensive suite of services that increase efficiency and introduce best practices. To learn more & to download the fact sheet, please fill out the form below.

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