The Benefits of Outsourcing Private Equity Investor Services

Jessica Robertson, Managing Director, explores the advantages of outsourcing investor services in private equity

Jan 23, 2024

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In the fast-paced world of private equity, managing investor services efficiently and effectively is crucial for success. However, the demands of fund administration can be overwhelming, and the pressure to face down global headwinds, take advantage of emerging trends, and accelerate growth often falls against a backdrop of fierce competition for investment dollars.

But a simple fact remains: contented investors tend to stay loyal to private equity funds and often consider future investments. By delegating investor services, firms can deliver exceptional service, boosting investor contentment and bolstering investor loyalty.

The rise of investor services proves communication, speed, and data are key as investors seek to understand as much as they can, as quickly as possible. Firms that get this right can make investors the foundation of their business as we approach the start of the next market cycle.

So what are the advantages of passing this crucial aspect of fund management to external experts?

Specialized Expertise

Third-party administrators with dedicated investor relations services provide clients with a team of professionals with deep expertise. They should understand the distinct and intricate requirements of private equity investors. Firms can then redirect additional time and resources toward their core competencies: deal sourcing, execution, and portfolio management. This increased focus can result in smarter investment choices, better fund performance, and lower risk of errors or inconsistencies in funds’ records.

Scalability And Cost Efficiency

Private equity firms often manage multiple funds, each with a distinct investor base. By outsourcing, firms can scale their services to accommodate the varying needs of different funds, making it easier to manage investor relations, regardless of fund size or complexity. Maintaining an in-house investor services team can be expensive. Outsourcing offers cost-effective solutions, reducing the need for internal staffing, training, and infrastructure, ultimately enhancing the fund’s profitability.

It is also possible to align your approach. Institutional investors often need something different from high-networth investors, who often need guidance. But there is a communication solution that works for both. Access to state-of-the-art investor portals allows fund administrators to store and distribute investor correspondence through a secure web-based platform and provides access to online real-time data and reporting to GPs and LPs. While the cost to invest in the right technology can be expensive and overwhelming for individual managers, partnering with a fund administrator that already invests in these platforms can reduce these obstacles by avoiding the cost, process, and time commitment of in-house implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Enhanced Reporting and Regulatory Compliance

LPs are growing in sophistication and demanding more from their fund managers. Many institutional investors require their manager to outsource to a fund administrator with industry-accepted credentials, such as the SSAE18 SOC 1 Type 2 Audit Report. By utilizing advanced technology and reporting tools, administration firms offer real-time insights into performance, investor activities, and reporting. There is also the hurdle of managing regulatory complexities. Partnering with external experts with a deep understanding of regulatory mandates can minimize the chances of compliance mistakes and help maintain investor services in accordance with industry norms.

Streamlined Communication and Retention

Relationships and communication are the foundation for a successful fund administration partnership. Effective communication with investors is essential for maintaining trust. Outsourcing firms can manage investor communications, ensuring that investors receive timely updates and assistance, which can lead to higher satisfaction and trust in the fund’s management.

In conclusion, outsourcing private equity investor relations offers numerous advantages, including cost efficiency, access to specialized expertise, enhanced scalability, and increased focus on core business activities. By leveraging an external resource like Ultimus LeverPoint, firms can navigate complex regulatory landscapes, improve communication with investors, and ultimately foster long-term relationships, contributing to overall organizational success.

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