Jul 11, 2017

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When outsourcing your middle office services it’s important that your provider can seamlessly interact and communicate with your data to guide it where it needs to go. But in a world with multitudes of data languages, formats and mediums, what is required to ensure your data is in the best hands? At Ultimus, we understand these challenges, and have tailored a strategy to make sure your data moves seamlessly across all stages of its life cycle. Think of it as the three T’s of Data – Translation, Transformation and Transmission


Data can be stored and delivered using many different languages and formats – Extensible Markup Language (XML), HTML5, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII), EXCEL, and PDF, to name a few. To systematically read this data, a translator (or converter) is required. At Ultimus, we have the ability to translate dozens of different data types and an experienced team to work with you to ensure the data you deliver to us can be properly converted throughout its lifecycle with little to no manual work. Translating data is essential to ensuring accuracy and efficiency prior to transformation.


Once data has been translated it is ready to be transformed into a new format or language, depending on its destination. For example, Trade Data will get transformed to SWIFT format and delivered to the designated Custodians. Trade Data will also be transformed to Structured Query Language (SQL) so it can be imported into our accounting system. The ability to translate and transform data makes for a clear path to accurate data delivery. It also provides the foundation for ultimate flexibility when converting data into custom reporting or data feeds.

We can also transform data from our systems and deliver it to you in your desired format. We work with many of our clients to deliver data back to them to feed databases, perform analysis, and so forth. Our ability to transform data allows us to not only integrate with intermediaries such as SWIFT, it also enables us to deliver customized data to you, when and where you need it – which brings us to Transmission.


Data can be transmitted a number of different ways – including APIs, FTP, and email. We have established proper APIs with all of our key intermediaries and vendors, allowing us to systematically transmit data back and forth between our systems. We have also implemented a number of tools to systematically transmit data and files over channels such as email and FTP. Data is encrypted when transmitted, ensuring it is secure and safe when moving between parites. The ability to securely transmit data across multiple mediums ensures that your data will be delivered to its destination in the preferred, most efficient and safest manner possible.

The ability to systematically retrieve, interpret, and communicate data is essential in today’s data driven world. It allows for more efficient processing, decreased risk, and additional flexibility for analysis and reporting.

At Ultimus, we understand that middle office servicing is heavily reliant on data being passed back and forth between clients, intermediaries, vendors and other parties as it makes its way through the required channels for processing. Because of this, we have invested in data driven technologies to ensure we can handle all of your data needs.

We can translate your data from its original form, eliminating the need for you to translate it into another format before delivering it. We can systematically transform and enrich your data into formats required by intermediaries and vendors further streamlining the workflow. Last, but not least, we can transmit your data across numerous channels.

Your data flows seamlessly throughout its lifecycle. In the end, our data driven technology is flexible for both enhanced and unique data requirements, and is systematically driven, increasing efficiencies and reducing risk.

If you are interested in exploring our middle office, services please contact Gary Tenkman or Mike Ciotola and we would be happy to discuss in more detail.

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