Ultimus Wins Prestigious Innovation Award from Global Custodian for uCONNECT™ Technology

>Ultimus Wins Prestigious Innovation Award from Global Custodian for uCONNECT™ Technology

Ultimus Wins Prestigious Innovation Award from Global Custodian for uCONNECT™ Technology

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CINCINNATI, OHIO – June 16, 2021 Ultimus Fund Solutions® (Ultimus®) is pleased to announce that the firm was awarded the Innovation in Data Analytics Award from Global Custodian during its Leaders in Custody Week, June 7-11, 2021. The publication’s Innovation Awards recognize the best technological and product developments over the past year in any aspect of securities services across the globe.

The Innovation in Data Analytics Award was given to Ultimus for its uCONNECT™ application which is part of the firm’s uSUITE® technology platform. A proprietary investment manager-facing application, uCONNECT is designed to link firms with their data, reports, dashboards, and provides insights into their funds. It is built on a web of APIs (application programming interfaces) and aggregates data from several underlying systems and applications. By integrating data from multiple platforms, uCONNECT delivers consolidated, actionable data information in a single, easy-to-use solution, which allows fund managers to access their data when and how they want. uCONNECT also sits on Ultimus’ underlying RPA-driven uREPORT technology, which monitors for fund ‘events’ throughout the day.  When an ‘event’ occurs (e.g. NAV approval), it uses RPA (robotic process automation) to auto-deliver reports, data and custom alerts to uCONNECT.

“We are extremely proud of our technological achievements and honored to receive this distinguished industry award from Global Custodian,” said Ultimus CEO Gary Tenkman. “uCONNECT is part of Ultimus’ continuing commitment to and investment in best-in-class technology that contributes to our clients’ success. Our uCONNECT application—and indeed the entire uSUITE platform—represents a significant milestone by enabling fund managers to access critical data, reports and alerts on-demand in a user-friendly format.”

Ultimus’ Chief Technology Officer, Jason Stevens applauds the work of this team for this award, saying, “I am extremely proud of our entire team of developers at Ultimus. It is rewarding to receive industry recognition for the technology we developed with our clients’ business needs and requirements at the forefront. We’re excited about collaborating with clients, and based on the number and variety of technology projects we are working on currently, the future of our technology rollouts will continue to deliver value for our asset manager partners.”

As a testament to the firm’s continued long-term commitment to investing in technology and client service, uCONNECT is part of the well established Ultimus’ proprietary uSUITE technology platform, which includes uCOMPLY™, uPRICE, uTRANSACT™ and uNAV applications, among others. uSUITE’s underlying applications feature built-in robotic processing software, machine-learning algorithms, and various APIs. By incorporating a data and technology strategy, the various uSUITE applications have helped streamline workflows and transformed large areas of operations into exception-based processing, enabling the firm to readily adapt to the market and fintech advances within the investment management industry.



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