Ultimus Client Access Network (UCAN)

>>Ultimus Client Access Network (UCAN)
Ultimus Client Access Network (UCAN) 2019-08-06T11:46:33-04:00

Ultimus Client Access Network (UCAN) provides connections to a network of electronic resources frequently used by Ultimus clients.

Private Funds
Private Fund Investor

Access your private fund statements.

Private Fund Manager

Access your private fund financial data and information.

Mutual Funds
Mutual Fund Reports

Access your mutual fund reports from the Fund Accounting and Transfer Agency groups.

Mutual Fund Accounting

Access your mutual fund information within the Ultimus Fund Accounting system.

Transfer Agency

Access your mutual fund shareholder records within the Ultimus Transfer Agency system

Ad Review & Compliance Certifications

Submit mutual fund marketing materials for review and access compliance certifications.

Ultimus Distribution Advantage

Access to knowledge, tools and support for your mutual fund distribution efforts.