NICSA Strategic Leadership Forum

Attendees: Kevin Guerette

ICI Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference

Attendees: Bob Dorsey, Dina Tantra, Jace Schuppan and Maggie Bull

Bob Dorsey will be speaking during the general session panel on Wednesday, March 21st, from 9:30 am - 10:45 am: Alert Level Red, Yellow, or Green: How's Your Anxiety Level?

Ascendant Compliance Management Conference

Attendees: Dave Carson

Panel Title: Leveraging Service Providers' Technology and Reporting to Administer a RIC's Compliance Program

3PM 2018 Annual Conference

Attendees: Kevin Guerette and Jace Schuppan

Ohio Women's Bar Association Annual Meeting and Conference

Attendees: Dina Tantra

Envestnet Advisor Summit

Attendees: Kevin Guerette

Women for Economic and Leadership Development - Networking: Professional Leadership Series

Attendees: Dina Tantra

ICI General Membership Meeting

Attendees: Bob Dorsey, Gary Tenkman, Dave Carson, Martin Dean, Adam Kornegay, Mick Grunewald and Jace Schuppan

US SIF 8th Annual Conference

Attendees: Mick Grunewald

RIA Institute East Investment Forum

Attendees: Bob Dorsey and Adam Kornegay

Women for Economic and Leadership Development - Mutual Fund Boards: Annual Women in Leadership Conference

Attendees: Dina Tantra

Morningstar Investment Conference

Attendees: Kevin Guerette

Texas RIA Summit

Attendees: Adam Kornegay

2018 IAA Annual Leadership Conference

Attendees: Dave Carson and Mick Grunewald

ICI Tax and Accounting Conference

Attendees: Bob Dorsey and Mick Grunewald

ACA Compliance Group: Fall Compliance Conference


Attendees: Kevin Guerette, Jace Schuppan and Mick Grunewald

29th Annual SRI Conference

Attendees: Mick Grunewald

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