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As a growth-minded investment firm looking to launch, reorganize, or convert a mutual fund, you need a consultative partner that can offer you comprehensive mutual fund services and beyond. Ultimus is that partner. Through our decades of experience, we have built a reputation as a high touch, high integrity firm that offers a full suite of in-house services and advanced technology solutions to both service your funds and provide distribution support to help your strategies reach new investors.

The Ultimus Difference: A Fit for all Fund Sizes & Types

Our boutique quality service model with institutional capacity meets the needs of a wide variety of fund sizes – from large standalone fund trusts to startups and everything in between. As a leader in helping establish access to alternative investment strategies via liquid structures such as mutual funds or ETFs, we are also well-equipped to handle sophisticated, complex, and innovative strategies.

Ultimus’ service offerings are custom-designed to be an extension of your back office. We help you execute your mutual fund model by offering you fully customizable, cost-effective core services while seamlessly integrating with your workflow and processes as though we are a continuation of your team, not a separate entity. Whether you’re starting a new mutual fund or have existing funds, we have solutions and the experienced team to help you succeed.

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