Ultimus Assists in Tender Offer Fund Launch for Hamilton Capital

Hamilton Capital entrusts Ultimus to navigate the complexities of its alternative fund launch

Mar 28, 2023

CINCINNATI, OHIO – March 28, 2023 – Ultimus Fund Solutions® (Ultimus®), a leading independent provider of full-service, technology-enhanced fund administration, accounting, and investor solutions, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Hamilton Capital in the launch of its first tender offer fund. Known for providing dynamic investment management services to a diverse range of clients, the Hamilton Capital team recognized the importance of offering their clients access to alternative investments in a relatively cost-effective way that was consistent with their time-tested investment process.

Until quite recently, investing in alternative investment funds required large capital commitments and significant illiquidity, making them too expensive and cumbersome for many investors. Through its Dynamic Alternatives Fund, Hamilton Capital offers exposure to alternative investments for its accredited clients, without requiring substantial upfront commitments, given the initial investment minimum of $25,000. To help navigate the complexities of launching a tender offer fund, Hamilton Capital selected Ultimus as its partner due to Ultimus’ extensive resources and expertise in registered funds. “It was Ultimus’ consultative approach and client-centric commitment to building a strong partnership that drew us to them,” Jeff Wilkins, Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Hamilton Capital said. “In working with Ultimus to launch this fund, we were able to rely on their expertise so that we could stay focused on delivering for our clients during the recent unprecedented market challenges.”

“We appreciate the partnership of Ultimus in helping to develop this product that provides distinctive access for our clients, while also being relatively cost efficient. It is extremely important to work with a firm that cares about our clients’ outcomes as much as we do and one that will work with us to create innovative solutions to the inevitable challenges that arise when you are paving a new path,” Wilkins continued.

The market for retail alternative funds has grown in popularity in recent years with 118 interval and tender offer funds launches since 2019. While currently supporting over 30 retail alternative clients and a number of new mandates coming to market in the coming year, Ultimus is one of the leading fund administration providers for these products and may be an attractive choice for new and existing advisers who are thinking about launching a new fund. Ultimus’ success is attributable to the guidance provided by its knowledgeable team from the early stage of product development through the fund launch and its ongoing focus on exceptional client service. Just as importantly, Ultimus has best in class technology that supports straight-through processing on investor and portfolio activity including ‘real time’ access to data to better serve internal and external clients.

Sean McLean, Ultimus’ Senior Vice President, Retail Alternatives Fund Accounting, expresses how important it is that Ultimus continues to evolve with the market so that it can efficiently provide the most beneficial product support. “Ultimus recognizes the value of investing in people and technology to further expand our capabilities to benefit our clients. There is a reason clients continue to come to us for our guidance in alternative and other fund launches. Our team possesses deep industry and product knowledge, and I am confident that we will continue to prove our role as one of the top providers of fund administration.”

About Ultimus

Ultimus Fund Solutions (Ultimus) is a leading provider of full-service tech-enhanced fund administration, accounting, middle office, and investor solutions to support the launching and servicing of registered funds, private funds, and public plans. The company also offers customized structures designed for the unique needs of pensions, endowments, foundations, and other large institutions. Ultimus’ deep commitment to excellence is achieved through investments in best-in-class technology, compliance programs, organization-wide cyber security efforts, and hiring seasoned professionals.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with offices in other major cities such as Chicago, Denver, New York, and Boston, Ultimus employs more than 925 seasoned accountants, attorneys, paralegals, application developers, fund administrators, compliance specialists, and many others with years of experience in the financial services industry. Servicing over 1,800 total traditional and alternative funds, Ultimus helps investment managers and fund families flourish in today’s increasingly sophisticated and dynamic investment landscape. For more information, visit www.ultimusfundsolutions.com.

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the fund before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the fund, and it should be read carefully before investing. Investors may obtain a copy of the prospectus by calling 833-617-2624.

Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. Investment in the fund is suitable only for certain financially sophisticated investors who have no need for immediate liquidity in their investments and can bear the risk of an investment for an extended period of time. The fund is a closed-end tender offer fund, and to provide liquidity to shareholders, may from time to time offer to repurchase shares in accordance with written tenders by shareholders at those times, in those amounts, and on such terms and conditions as the board may determine in its sole discretion. In determining whether the fund should offer to repurchase shares from shareholders, the board will consider the recommendation of the adviser. The adviser currently expects to recommend to the board that the fund offer to repurchase up to 5% of the fund’s outstanding shares at the applicable NAV per share on a quarterly basis. However, the fund is not required to conduct the repurchase offer and may be less likely to do so during the first few years following commencement of the fund operations and during periods of exceptional market condition.

The fund is subject to all the business risks and uncertainties associated with any new business, including the risk that the fund will not achieve its investment objective and that the value of shares could decline.

The fund is distributed by Ultimus Fund Distributors, LLC.


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