Experts deliver a 360 degree perspective on the historical and current environment for these continually offered, non-exchange-traded, and closed-end fund structures

Aug 15, 2019

CINCINNATI, OHIO—August 15, 2019Ultimus Fund Solutions® (Ultimus ® ) today shares insights from a recent panel discussion with distribution, legal and tax fund product experts (via a podcast) during a recent industry event they hosted. The panel, “Navigating Interval Funds for Growth,” was moderated by Susan Barreto, Editor at Large, HFM Global, and featured John Grady, Partner, Alternative Investments at Practus, LLP; Rob Velotta, CPA, MT, Partner-Tax, Cohen & Co; and Kevin Guerette, VP, Director of Distribution Strategies, Ultimus Fund Solutions.

Mr. Grady commented during the conversation, “The inflows of assets into these products make speed to market a priority for funds wanting to take advantage of this unique fund structure. Apart from the potential benefits, which can be significant, managers need to understand the restrictions when setting up these funds and some of the specific challenges they might encounter.”

Mr. Velotta added, “These types of funds are registered and as such, provide important investor protections, but they are also illiquid and have tax implications that need to be addressed by an expert.” During this thought leadership session, industry experts discussed a variety of considerations for launching these continuously offered, non-exchange-traded and closed-end fund structures, including:

  • Definitions of an interval fund and the current market landscape for this product
  • Why there is a growing appetite for these funds
  • How to market them to investors and the share class structures and implications
  • The operational requirements to maintain these products and when/what to outsource when taking on these types of fund structures

Mr. Guerette added, “Ultimus is pleased to provide a comprehensive, outsourced solution which helps managers launch these types of funds and to deliver insights on the appropriate platform for distribution channels, while assisting advisers on how to position themselves to investors who are comparing managers and performance information.”

Listen to the panel conversation HERE.

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