ETF Market Drivers. Why fund managers are launching exchange-traded funds.

Jun 29, 2021

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Why do exchange-traded funds (ETFs) make sense for today’s investors? Maybe it’s tax efficiencies, availability, lower fees, diversification, or a mixture of all of these and more. Today’s ETF market segment is rapidly evolving, with no shortage of product evolution, industry commentary, and data analysis. Experienced ETF professionals, such as Tom Lydon and Dave Nadig of ETF Trends and ETF Database, are able to sift through the noise and effectively encapsulate the evolving trends in the ETF arena.

Recently Ultimus collaborated with Tom and Dave for an in-depth Q&A session on ETF trends. Their insightful knowledge will help investment managers analyze the opportunities available, understand the outlook of the industry, and define strategies for their investments. Ultimately, this conversation should help investment managers decide whether ETFs should be the next investment vehicle in their product offering.

This 30 minute, on-demand video recording, hosted by Ultimus’ SVP of Business Development, Adam Kornegay, covers the following ETF topics:

  • Principal factors driving investors to ETFs
  • ESGs in the ETF market
  • ETF bond market outlook
  • Thematic ETF investing
  • Digital Asset in ETFs
  • Semi-Transparent ETFs
  • Changing demand for ETFs
  • Strategies for successfully gathering assets in ETFs

As the ETF industry continues to evolve, it is important to have trusted partners that understand the nuances, regulations, services and distribution landscape for launching an ETF product. A fund administrator, such as Ultimus, can help your fund meet your objectives.

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